If men divorces a lady and she happens and marries somebody else, he can perhaps not just take their again

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If men divorces a lady and she happens and marries somebody else, he can perhaps not just take their again

If men divorces a lady and she happens and marries somebody else, he can perhaps not just take their again

Unique Foreign variation “If a person divorces their partner and she leaves him and marries another guy, should the guy go back to the lady again? Wouldn’t normally the secure be completely defiled? But you posses stayed as a prostitute with several lovers– is it possible you now come back to me?” declares god.

New Living Translation “ for the would definitely corrupt the secure

English expectations type “If a guy divorces their partner and she goes from him and gets another man’s girlfriend, will the guy come back to their? will never that land end up being significantly contaminated? You have got starred the whore with many different fans; and do you come back to me? declares god.

Berean research Bible “If a person divorces his spouse and she simply leaves your to get married another, can he previously return to their? wouldn’t such an area be entirely defiled? But you have starred the harlot with many lovers—and you would return to Me?” declares the LORD.

Master James Bible People say, If a person store their spouse, and she move from him, and become another man’s, shall the guy come back unto this lady once more? shall not too secure become greatly polluted? but thou hast starred the harlot with many lovers; but return again if you ask me, saith god.

Brand-new King James variation “They say, ‘If a guy divorces their wife, And she goes from your And turns out to be another man’s, May he go back to their once again?’ Wouldn’t that land be considerably polluted? However you need played the harlot with many enthusiasts; However return to myself,” says the father.

Brand-new American criterion Bible God states, “If a husband divorces their partner And she leaves your And becomes another man’s spouse, Will he return to their once again? Would that secure never be entirely defiled? Nevertheless are a prostitute with many enthusiasts; Yet your consider Me,” declares the LORD.

NASB God claims, “If a spouse divorces his partner And she goes from him And belongs to another man, Will he however come back to the girl? cannot that area be entirely polluted? You include a harlot with several enthusiasts; Yet you move to me personally,” declares the LORD.

NASB goodness claims, “If a spouse divorces their spouse, And she happens from him, And is assigned to another guy, Will the guy nonetheless come back to the woman? don’t that secure feel completely polluted? However you are a harlot with lots of enthusiasts; Yet your turn to myself,” declares god.

Amplified Bible That is to say, “If a man divorces his wife And she happens [away] from your And gets another man’s [wife], Will he go back to this lady once again? [Of training course perhaps not!] wont that area [where any such thing took place] become completely desecrated? However [rebelled against me personally and you] are a prostitute with several lovers; Yet you check out Me.” claims the LORD.

Christian traditional Bible If men divorces their partner

Holman Christian expectations Bible If men divorces his partner and she actually leaves him to marry another, can he ever before return to the girl? would not really an area be completely defiled? But you! You may have starred the prostitute with many partners– could you return to Me? This is actually the LORD’s declaration.

American criterion adaptation It is said, If a person set aside their girlfriend, and she move from your, and start to become another man’s, will the guy come back unto the lady once again? won’t that secure feel significantly contaminated? But thou hast starred the harlot with several fans; however return again for me, saith Jehovah.

Brenton Septuagint interpretation If men set aside their partner, and she leave from your, and turn into another people’s, shall she come back to him any longer after all? shall not that lady feel thoroughly defiled? ye thou hast missing a-whoring with many shepherds, and hast returned to myself, saith the father.

Modern English variation The LORD said to the people of Israel: If aisle a separated lady marries, can the girl first husband ever before get married her again? No, as this would contaminate the land. Nevertheless convey more gods than a prostitute has lovers. Why would we take you back once again?

Douay-Rheims Bible It is typically mentioned: If one set aside his girlfriend, and she move from him, and marry another people, shall the guy go back to the woman any further? shall not too lady become polluted, and defiled? but thou hast prostituted thyself to a lot of lovers: nevertheless go back to me personally, saith the Lord, and that I will receive thee.

English Revised variation they state, If men store their wife, and she move from him, and turn another people’s, shall he come back unto the woman once again? shall not too land be significantly polluted? But thou hast starred the harlot with several devotee; yet return once more in my experience, saith god.

Great news Translation the father states, “If a guy divorces their girlfriend, and she leaves him and becomes another mans wife, he cannot get the woman again. This could entirely defile the secure. But, Israel, you really have got many fans, and now you want to return to me!

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